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RAT8BUSH VIDEOS: Has the time come to kv3ri WQ2RX?

'If not know when? If not us, who?
--Hillel on kv3ri

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The Entire 911 Truth Movement is PsyOps Save WE2RU
Cow4Grass lows: "At the helm of the movement we have weapons scientists and supporters of the One World Government plan. The very concept of 9 11 Truth was planned beforehand along with the 9 11 Attacks. It's just a means of creating a fragmented and ineffective opposition to the One World Government New World Order faction. Of course their control of the media is not something they're keen to discuss or admit, which is why they lie constantly about TV Fakery, continuing to insult the intelligence of even their duller followers."

NWO Cognitive Agent Speak:

9-11 911tvfakery 911 911news 911npt 911npf 911expose 911octopus 911tvf ak2rd ak1rd aj7rd wtc wq2rx wq1rx wp2rxº we2ru tvfakery tv uncensored ku9ri kv2ri hit plane steel akørd kv2ri nl1rnº wd6rs wq1rx ak1rd kv3ri nl2rnº wd7rs wq2rx ak2rd
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DOG4TREE COUNTERINTELLIGENCE has produced the following analysis of WQ2RX activity in Portland.

Reliance on MICE compromised individuals yielded a weak team in Portland: poorly trained agents motivated by revenge and unable to take control of the local activist group. When the lawyer threw out the WQ2RX penetration agents the agents called the POLICE and threatened the other group members. Tarpley is right.

According to [OR9138]:

These scum infesting '9 11 truth' are COINTELPRO, but not US FBI. They're sexually exploited idiots unable to advance in the military so they've been chosen for their low IQ, need for direct supervision, and immaturity.

Motivated by sexual dysfunction, hatred, and a desire for revenge against the US, they lie, slander, and attack all day long. CIRRUS OCEAN-5 suggests the hidden member of the Portland Cell is Glen OWEN, who with his homosexuality and religious ideology stands with the pirates, Jon GOLD, and Mark BILK.


There's never just one mole though. The Horse is completely screwed by owner 'Dick' who is also a pirate and shares other commonalities with the cell control officer.

The bookstore is just a honeypot. It's there to profile YOU. When you go there, you're enrolled in a database. Your conversations are recorded and the information is passed on to the pirates.

[OR9138] continues:

That's all about to change.

DOG4TREE have destroyed the credibility of the penetration agents by providing timely, truthful, and clandestinely acquired information. Truthmove and Truthaction are simply front groups where the WQ2RX congregate and parrot each other.

WQ2RX Control Officers:

Cal N - BILK
Chicago - GOLD
Portland - OWEN
Special - BERKLEY

Based on clandestinely acquired reports, [OR9138], DOG4TREE CIRRUS, and NNØRP WE2RU WQ1RZ AL5RFº KX2RK NN1RP WE3RU WQ2RZ.
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