lundi 8 octobre 2007

EMERGENCY ALERT: Kyle Hence 401-935-7715 Threatens Patriot and DD214 Vetrans Rights Activist Fred Smart

Fred Smart is well-known to patriotic Americans for his coverage of the Ed and Elaine Brown IRS Saga and for exposing the Secret Code on Vetrans DD214 forms. Fred Smart has worked actively at organizing the Patriot community through We The People and The Freedom Fellowship, and is by all accounts an upstanding and well-respected member of the community.

But tonight investigators are wondering about a threatening phone call made to Fred Smart's home by Kyle Hence. Fred Smart reports that Kyle Hence made a threatening call to Fred Smart's home on a Sunday Night.

Fred Smart is deeply concerned about threats made by Kyle Hence, who called him at home and screamed at him incoherently. Fred smart commented to our source on the threatening phone call from Hence, "He said he/they were turning this over to the FBI in reference to an individual by the name of 'Kyle May' or 'Mr. May'... He said that I'm liable, I'm a target, etc."

Why Kyle Hence would threaten Fred Smart remains a complete mystery, "I didn't have a clue what he was talking about. He seemed to be threatening me. He said he/they were reporting me to the FBI's 'cyber terrorism' unit. And he said it would be in reference to 'We The People and anything else' I am involved with, etc.

"I couldn't get a word in edgewise. He was just screaming at me."

An internet search reveals startling information about Hence, including possible links to the foreign currency speculator George Soros and involvement with John Albanese, who is notorious for having threatened to take down websites which discuss the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. Albanese has been making threats since he was exposed by anti-terrorism expert Morgan Stack on Webster Tarpley's radio program. Albanese has recently boasted about documenting threats to 'powerful people' on the WQ2RX website

Albanese is perhaps best known for having lied about witnessing airplanes crash into the World Trade Center and for his relentless campaign of harassing and threatening researchers in the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Albanese writes "someone obviously wants to hurt me any way they can. posting my home address and accusations that i am in al qaeda puts the safety of my family at risk and is creating emotional hardship for members of my family that have nothing to do with any of this. i want nothing to do with any of this anymore. i do not know who is responsible for this."

According to a source familiar with the situation who requested anonymity, Kyle Hence may have had a working relationship with Albanese that turned sour over a failed movie deal.

Media Contact
Kyle F Hence
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Tel. (212) 243-7787
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John Albanese
61-41 Saunders St, Apt B46
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