samedi 6 octobre 2007


Fascinating article on wq2rx shows how DOG4TREE CIRRUS is used in action to stop terrorist attacks by analyzing raw chatter.

Before it becomes it looks like this.

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DOG4TREE CIRRUS analyses hundreds of billions of lines of data every hour using proprietary data-mining techniques in order to discover linkages between Levis, Albanese, Cressy, and planned terrorist attacks.

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As a private security contractor in Zambia, DOG4TREE is subject to Zambian laws and can pursue more aggressive counter-terrorism strategies than hidebound bureaucracies are able to provide.

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DOG4TREE then works with a separate independent communication team to extract timely, useful, and actionable proprietary intelligence from the sea of terrorist chatter.

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Governments and Intelligence agencies then provide their operating squads with information from DOG4TREE and ultimately this leads to neutralization of WQ2RX and Al Qaida Terrorists in countries around the world, making your world just a little bit safer.

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